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A Space for a Voice – Stories about Family Planning

January 27, 2016

One of my latest posts for Girls’ Globe on FP Voices at the International Conference on Family Planning!

Girls' Globe

“When people see the headscarf,” Zahra Aziz explains, “they are thinking, ‘what’s a conservative Muslim girl doing with sex and family planning? I’m out there to break that mold.”

This week at the International Conference on Family Planning in Nusa Dua, Indonesia, Zahra is breaking the mold by standing inside of a large white booth with a high-tech digital camera. As a consultant working for FPVoices, she’s greeting person after person, excitedly explaining that they can pose next to one of the four large wall prompts. The prompts, shaped like conversation bubbles, ask questions leading to why people are involved in family planning. Zahra snaps a picture of the posing participants and then prints two copies. Below their picture, the participants handwrite their personal response. One copy goes on the wall of the booth and the participants keep the other.

Zahra Zahra in front of the FPVoices booth


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