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The difference between cotton and lace

October 22, 2014

Girls' Globe

Thea, Plan Norway's 12 year old bride Photo Credit: Plan Norway Thea, Plan Norway’s 12 year old bride
Photo Credit: Plan Norway

A 12 year old Norwegian girl, Thea, started a blog. She wrote about horses, music and friends. She took selfies with stuffed animals. Her dream was to be a veterinarian.

Thea also posted a picture of herself with her 37 year old fiancé, Geir. He towers over the middle-schooler who, despite make-up, cannot be disguised as an adult. In the picture she wears flowers in her hair.

Thea is navigating this slippery bridge between daughter and wife. She posted pictures of a woman in lingerie next to one of herself in pastel pink and blue pajamas. Looking ready for a sleepover, her face reveals confusion over the difference between cotton and lace, between girl and woman.

But Thea isn’t real. Plan Norway created her to advocate on behalf of child brides.

The campaign worked: outraged Norwegians called the…

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