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Abducting brides and stealing girlhood

September 17, 2014

Read my very first post for Girl’s Globe: Abducting Brides and Stealing Girlhood

Girls' Globe

Credit: Ashley Lackovich Van Gorp Credit: Ashley Lackovich Van Gorp

I remember the first time I encountered child marriage by abduction.

I knew the statistics well: Prepared to address the issue of child marriage in a small town in Ethiopia, I sat with a group of women and sought to understand how they made sense of child brides. They gave vague answers, explaining that they had greater problems than fathers arranging the marriage of their daughters. What, I thought, could be worse than your husband willingly handing over your child to an adult man?

“Here we have abduction,” an older woman explained as her gaze shifted its focus to the ground. “It’s when a man gets together with his friends and takes a girl. His friends help him rape her and then she is his wife.” She paused for a moment, seeking words to explain the depth of this problem. “Sometimes we can keep our…

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