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Brave New Girl

September 5, 2014

1,000 times yes.

Girls' Globe

Women and girls have the power to prevent conflict and violence by recognizing the inequalities that exist within their community and society.IMG-20140328-WA0026  Peace-building is a way to address the root causes of violence, prevent violence from occurring, and find sustainable, long-term solutions for peace.  Women and girls are largely excluded from decision making and must be included in conflict prevention and peace-building strategies to have a significant impact on increasing gender equality and eliminate the discourse that we are invisible.  In order to begin a process of transformation in her community, she must be empowered to find her inner-voice and realize her collective strengths.

Empowering Girls to be Leaders in India

Rajasthan, India is well-known for its dry, harsh deserts, diverse wildlife, and the unmistakable richness and color in food, textiles, and culture.  Unfortunately, the state is also known to be one of the most challenging places for girls to…

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  1. eduequalorg permalink

    Hi Ashley, thank you so much for reposting this on your blog. I’m interested in reading some of your published work that may be of relevance to EEI and my own research. It would be wonderful to connect and network with you! All the best to you! –Fonda Sanchez

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